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Bewal International Hospital is the first of its kind, a state of the art hospital in the region of Pothohar, PAKISTAN. It aims to provide health services for the people in need covering local population of over 300,000 approx.

The hospital is situated in the locality of BEWAL. Bewal is a small town approximately 50 miles from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan and is situated on the east border of Tehsil Gujar Khan in District Rawalpindi. It is a hugely crowded town with a population of over 100,000.
The medical treatment services offered in the hospital are free for the poor and needy patients who cannot afford to pay for their treatment but to meet the running cost of the hospital, patients who can afford to pay are charged a minimum cost. 


In the area, there are some basic health facilities provided by central government but this is not sufficient for the need of local people. There are only few state funded basic health centres in the remote rural areas with poor medical facilities.

Vast majority of medical services are provided by local general practitioners on private basis which the poor local residents cannot afford. Children are still dying from treatable infectious diseases and as there is no provision of gynaecological & obstetrics services young mothers are dying while giving birth.

Heart disease is another preventable health issue on the rise and the people die before they get to any kind of treatment which is so freely available in western world. Trauma care services are also not available in any nearby hospital.

A large Asian community including immigrants from Bewal have settled in different areas of UK. They are very keen for the provision of good quality health service to the people of their native city and willing with their generous contributions to help the suffering population in Pakistan. This is the whole objective behind the start of Bewal International Hospital project.